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Our clients have direct access to and involvement from the Principles at Build-Tech Developers. These are important considerations when choosing the right contractor for your building or renovation project. To assist you in making that decision, here are the services we offer:

Site Evaluation
This would typically include an Existing Conditions Survey, Site Review(s), Drawings Review, and other relevant information so that informed decisions can be made at the front end of the project.

Lease Review
Our knowledge and perspective will help ensure that any lease you may sign is fair and reasonable, and represents your best interests.

We are a hands-on not a "briefcase" contractor. You can count on us to be on site and actively involved from day one – providing realistic schedules and accurate budgets, feasibility studies when necessary, procurement reviews, and anything else that might be required to facilitate the planning and decision-making processes.

Value Design
We are known for finding ways to trim budgets without cutting corners. Our resourcing and negotiating skills have proven to actually increase project value while staying in line with the budget.

We have extensive experience with the building permit process – on a local, regional and national basis – and know how to diplomatically expedite that process.

MEP Oversight
We maintain an established network of proven-reliable mechanical, electrical and plumbing vendors and subcontractors; and we typically bring them into a project early on to review documents and provide helpful input.

MEP Commissioning & Training
Part our of job is also to make sure that all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are functioning properly, and that on-site personnel knows how everything operates.

Project/Program Management
One of our specialty areas is managing longer-term integrated programs for our clients, which often include regional or national rollouts.

Construction Management
We provide expert oversight - not just to our own construction subcontractors, but also to other general contractors and in-house development groups.

General Contracting
Providing traditional building construction for our clients is one of our core competencies.

Every construction company claims they can do this, but typically what they do is hire a firm to act as their architect and engineer. At Build-Tech, we have design and engineering professionals on staff, who provide the design and construction documents we build from. The big benefit to our clients is that since we control the design we can fit that into any budget. 

Punch List Execution
Every project requires some degree of fine tuning. Build-Tech Developers is well known for our exacting standards and attention to detail.

O&M Manual Development
We provide our clients with a concise and complete "owner's manual" for every project – a quick-reference guide that contains all essential project information.


Warranty & Maintenance Services
If our clients encounter any type of construction-related problem, we will be on site quickly and resolve whatever the issue might be.

At Build-Tech Developers, we offer our clients a range of project delivery options, enabling them to select an option that best suits their situation. Here are some of those options:

Lump Sum
The most common delivery method – one price for the entire job – poses the least amount of risk for the client.

Cost plus a fee
With this option, the client assumes risk that is based on the cost of the scope of work, including services plus a percentage-based fee.

Guaranteed Maximum Price
A guaranteed maximum price arrangement that is based on an established scope, with or without a shared savings clause.

Unit Cost
This can be an extremely cost-effective option for a client with multiple same-use locations in that it establishes pre-determined costs for repeat items.

General Conditions & Fee
This option involves a proposal that simply includes the cost of our services and a proposed percentage fee - a popular option for clients who wish to engage our services prior to the completion of the design phase of their project.

Fixed or Percentage Fee
This option is favored by clients who are considering engaging our services prior to knowing their project details and covers the percentage fee portion only.

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